Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trippin it Up!

Everyone loves a good trip every once in awhile!  Well, in the middle of February, I got to travel down to Saint George to watch Jake's little brother, Conner, play in a baseball tournament.  Although, Utah will be Utah and it rained and snowed that whole weekend, and his games got cancelled.  BUT you can't cancel FUN! :)  It had been around 8 months since I have seen Conner and his mom Conni! That is way to long.  We had a ton to catch up on and I got to watch Conner flirt with some girls!!! Priceless. It made for such a good trip and a long overdue visit with soon to be family ;)

He looks so much like Jake! 

What a cool stud! 

Love him! 


My second trip came in March for SPRING BREAK BABY!  My friends and I decided we would head down to Vegas and watch our Men's Basketball team play in their conference tournament.  It was so much fun! Can you say SUN, SUN, SUN! Everyday consisted of laying by the pool!  It was a great time! I love my girlies and can't wait for another trip!!!

Apparently it is illegal to take pics in the casino.....well here is one for the scrap book:) 

Poooooool time! 

Getting ready for the Basketball Game 

Cheesecake Factory!! Yum! 

Mom was in Vegas too! 

More pool time!


 Night on the town! At the Belagio 

Don't ask!

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