Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am a baker now!!

Hahaha Ya freakin right!!! I am no where near a baker! But I can tell you who is.........
Yup!!! This is Jordan Kendrick and she is my lil bestie!!!! And this girl knows how to bake. She baked my soccer cake...
She is such a talented little girl and I am so proud of her!!! Not to mention that the cakes taste delicious! I totally think that she needs to go on a baking show on the food network or even go work for Jake's mom at her bakery!! Perfectionist!!! Anyway, I just wanted to share with everyone my talented little friend!! Loves ya Jord!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bruno B. Lowry

Bruno B. Lowry was born in June 1998, and came to our house in July. Bruno has been THE BEST dog anyone could ever ask for. With his loving and gentle personality, Bruno won over anyone who he saw:) With his loud and booming bark when someone rang the doorbell, you would think Bruno was the scariest dog you have ever seen or heard! But with one sniff of the pant leg, Bruno seemed to always just lay down for a belly rub. He would never harm a fly. He was my running partner, and always there to watch me play soccer. Bruno is part of our family, and I am sure many people already know that! We have been so blessed to have such a wonderful dog. He was my PUPPY!!! And anyone who knows me, I made that known with high pitched yelp..."Puuuuppppyyyyy!!" As he aged, he may have shown his age on the outside, but in his heart he was still a loving puppy! Bruno will be greatly missed in our family, and it is still really hard to come home and not hear the jingle of his collar, his bark at the door, and his anxious happy dance when I come home from school or just running errands! Bruno Lowry, I love you! We will see you again soon!!! Love you Bubbuh!!

Bruno B. Lowry June 1998~ December 2010

He LOVED his frisbee!!
Zeus and Bruno were the best of friends!
Look at that face! How can you not love that!
He loved to cuddle with his sis!
And definitely was a mama's boy!
Always stickin' his nose in places!
Food? YEEEESSSS Puhlease!
Bruno with a cone-head!
Family forever Bruno!