Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Powell

I Love LAKE POWELL!! This is my favorite place. I honestly could live on the boat for weeks and weeks! I am away from all the noise of life. I have no care in the world when I am at Lake Powell. And...I am with friends and family!
Every summer my best friend Sydney Anderson and her family go to Lake Powell for a week and invite me to come along. It had been a couple years since Syd and I were able to come with school and volleyball. But this year we both were home and could go. Oh Lake Powell how I have missed you!!! We spent everyday in the warm sun swimming, wake boarding, surfing, cliff jumping, etc! PURE BLISS! It was heaven! Thank you to the Anderson family for letting me come! I love you all, and most of all, I love you Lake Powell!

The captain!

In Love!

I love Lake Powell!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Logan Loves!

Logan is seriously the prettiest place!!! I can't express it enough....I just love love LOVE living here. Although the weather has not been so good this summer so far, everything is so green and beautiful! Last week, my friends and I decided we would hike up to the wind caves one evening. I never realized how much I like to hike! I caught myself wanting to just run up the mountain! It was so beautiful and so peaceful. I truly love living here and I hope to come back and raise a family here!

The Gang!
Nesh you are a "Jerk"

The girls!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

All About Him

School, work, sports, hustle and bustle, friends, family..... are all things that consume our lives. We live in the now.... I do it, you do it, we all do it. Our minds get clouded with finances, running errands, taking care of kids, homework, animals, etc. But what should we be focusing on? This past week I have really tried my best to remember really what matters most. This upcoming weekend we celebrate with colored eggs, chocolates, easter baskets, marshmallow chicks (ewwww!) But do we devote just as much time to our Savior and the real reason to celebrate easter with the greatest gift he gave us? The Atonement. The Atonement means taking two things that have become separated, estranged, or incompatible-like a perfect God and an imperfect you and me-and brings them together again, making the two be "at one." I am so grateful for my Savior. He gave his life. He bled and suffered that I might return to back to my Heavenly Father. He is mine and your advocate to the Father (D&C 45:3-5). I know sometimes the world holds heavy burdens on our shoulders, but through our Savior Jesus Christ, he can lift those burdens if we just have faith. I hope all of you take some time in this week and really ponder and give thanks to our Savior.

Happy Easter Week!

Pictures are featured in the book Reflections of Christ.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trippin it Up!

Everyone loves a good trip every once in awhile!  Well, in the middle of February, I got to travel down to Saint George to watch Jake's little brother, Conner, play in a baseball tournament.  Although, Utah will be Utah and it rained and snowed that whole weekend, and his games got cancelled.  BUT you can't cancel FUN! :)  It had been around 8 months since I have seen Conner and his mom Conni! That is way to long.  We had a ton to catch up on and I got to watch Conner flirt with some girls!!! Priceless. It made for such a good trip and a long overdue visit with soon to be family ;)

He looks so much like Jake! 

What a cool stud! 

Love him! 


My second trip came in March for SPRING BREAK BABY!  My friends and I decided we would head down to Vegas and watch our Men's Basketball team play in their conference tournament.  It was so much fun! Can you say SUN, SUN, SUN! Everyday consisted of laying by the pool!  It was a great time! I love my girlies and can't wait for another trip!!!

Apparently it is illegal to take pics in the casino.....well here is one for the scrap book:) 

Poooooool time! 

Getting ready for the Basketball Game 

Cheesecake Factory!! Yum! 

Mom was in Vegas too! 

More pool time!


 Night on the town! At the Belagio 

Don't ask!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wedding Day!

Well, it has happened! My big brother is married! As much grief we give him for his silly dating antics, we are so pleased with his choice for an eternal companion in Carli Ann. This day was the longest day of my life, but certainly the most happiest day for me and my family. I am so thrilled that I was able to experience what I did that day. Love. Love that Adam and Carli share for each other, Love my family shares, and Love for our new family. As I was sitting at the luncheon and I saw all of my entire family and friends on one side of the room and then shifted my eyes to the other side of the room and saw all of Carli's family and friends, I felt like I was catching a glimpse of Heaven. Seeing all these people really showed me that we are ALL linked to one another, that our Heavenly Father's plan for us is real. I couldn't help but feel that this was what it was like to be reunited with all our family and friends after our journey on earth is finished.
I am truly grateful for my big brother and his example to me. He has made such good choices in his life and I am so proud of him. I am proud of my parents and their strong testimonies of the gospel and leading and directing us children in the right way. Without them, nothing would have been possible. I am so grateful for Carli and the wonderful strong woman she is. She is such a perfect match for my brother! I am so grateful that I was apart of such a beautiful wedding! And might I add, I got some great ideas for mine someday:)

The two that started it all
Taking it all in
The wedding party

The Lowry Kids!
The crew