Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blast from the Past!

So the other day, Dani Schaap and I were in her room (just like old times) and we were looking through some old pictures and movies of us! Oh man were we crazy or what! And it got me thinking, I have the best friends ever! I mean all through High School I had the best group of friends. We did everything together! We all played different sports in High School, but that didn’t matter. We still went and supported each other! I even think someone gave our group the nick name "The Sampler" because you could get a different sample from each one of us. Hahah I don't know...I will never forget my great friends I had.

My four years of college were the best years of my life! I had an incredible group of friends and it grew each year! I had the opportunity to meet so many different people! I definitely had some of the funniest, saddest, weirdest moments with my friends that I will never forget.

I am so grateful and so blessed to have the friends and the funniest times of my life! Not only am I grateful for my friends, but I am also grateful the new ones that I am making and will make! Thank you to all of you for the great memories, and thank you for letting me be apart of your lives! I love you! Enjoy this "Blast from the Past!"

Summer 2005 (me, Whitney Feller, Lauren Tuerpe, Syd Anderson)

Summer 2005

Summer 2005

Just how it always is!

Mom's getting us settled in our new home:)

The new Roommates! Ali, Kiersten, Melissa, Dani, Me, Jess

First time seeing Nat and Syd since I moved to Logan
(It was very emotional)

Alta High School Teammates Katie Fellows and Whitney Feller!

Freshman Year: Jessica and I

Freshman Year: Soccer girls! Chuck, Jess, Me, Lindsay

Freshman Year: Jess and I- always taking pics:)

Freshman Year: Kiersty and I playing dress up!

Freshman Year: Boys of Snow Hall

Freshman Year: The last meal as roommates! :(

Freshman Year: The Fab 4!

Freshman Year: The best roomie!!

Freshman Year: Goodbye bon fire

Summer 2006: 80's Dancing with Sydney and Jana

Summer 2006: Fireworks with some old friends

Summer 2006: Dinner with High School friends

Summer 2006: Lake Powell!

Summer 2006: The girls of Powell

Summer 2006: Me and Melissa @ Lake Powell

Summer 2006: The new Roommates!

Sophomore Year: The soccer girls

Sophomore Year: Kiersty, me, Lacey, Candice

Sophomore Year: Playin on the bus!

Sophomore Year: Heeeeey!

Sophomore Year: Soccer Team Bowling Night!

Sophomore Year: Tongues!

Summer 2007: Jana and I goin out for the night!

Summer 2007: Hanging with the boys Devin and Derrick

Summer 2007: The Gang is all here! Syd, Natalie, Jana, Me

Junior Year: 3 new Roomies:) Shannon, me, Jess

Junior Year: BearLake Retreat

Junior Year: Jake's 19 Birthday!

Junior Year: Aggie basketball game!

Junior Year: The HOWL

Junior Year: Fall Leaves

Junior Year: True Gangstas! Mellisa L, Melissa O, Me, Dani

Junior Year: Natalie's Bridal shower

Junior Year: Nat gets married! She was the first!

Junior Year: Soccer team at Grand Canyon

Junior Year: The Sensational Six

Junior Year: Jessica gets married!

Junior Year: Spring Break to NYC -Shannon, me, Annie

Junior Year: Lambardi's pizza MMMM!
Junior Year: Superbowl weekend! Hi Melissa!

Junior Year: Best Friends!

Summer 2008: Jana gets married!
Summer 2008: Melissa O, Dani, Lindsey, me, Candice at
Colbie Collete concert

Summer 2008: Lake Powell

Senior Year: Syd and I

Senior Year: Shannon gets Married!

Senior Year: Melissa get her mission call to Canada!

Senior Year: Just Posing! Me, Dani, Lindsey, Shannon, Melissa

Senior Year: Miss them!

Senior Year: Dance Party in Candice's Room aka "Club Candice"

Senior Year: Bowling with the girls!

Senior Year: Jessie and I!

Senior Year: "Chillin" in the ice tub!

Senior Year: 2008 WAC Champs!

Summer 2009: Rockies game with the Hammers!

Summer 2009: Go Rockies!

Summer 2009: The Hammers- Nick and Jess

Senior Year: Last time to Hug- Atlanta North Mission

Summer 2009: Summer Women's Soccer Team

Summer 2009: Boating Time!

Summer 2009: Love the concerts!

Summer 2009: Lindsey's reception! She got married in Nov 08!

Fall 2009: Kiersten gets married!

Fall 2009: At Kiersten's wedding!

Fall 2009: Visiting the Ol' soccer field!

Winter 2009: Visiting Brelin in Boise!

Winter 2009: Katie and I!! Love her!

Winter 2009: New Friends! West and Hewett from Jake's Mish!