Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Little bit of Georgia in Salt Lake

So this last week has been so fun!! I had the opportunity to host one of Jake's recent converts to a week of fun in Salt Lake! Her name is Kali Pierce and she is 17! I felt like a big sister all week! I had so much fun with her out here, and I miss her already! I got to show her exactly why Utah "Is the Place." We saw the Draper temple and took a tour of Temple Square. It is crazy how sometimes we take adavantage of the opportunity of seeing our beautiful temples. I learned so much on that tour. It was beautiful! Not only did I show her the wonderful sites, she got to experience Cafe Rio, and frozen yogurt!! MMM!

We also had the opportunity to go to Boise, Idaho to meet up with Jake's family. The Poulson's were so excited to finally meet someone who knows Jake. Conni was a superb hostess!! We never went hungry that's for sure! Kali got to experience first hand, Conni's cookies and cupcakes!! They are to die for! REALLY! We also did a lot of shopping, Kali's first baseball game, story telling, and cooking! Kali brought a little south to the west and made us fried pickles and cabbage burgers! To say the least, I couldn't handle the pickles, but the cabbage burgers rocked!!

This last week was awesome and sooooo what I needed!! Kali girl I love ya!
The Boys came to greet Kali
The Draper Temple
The Salt Lake Temple
Self timer! Pretty sweet Pic!
At Conni's cupcake shop! So good!
Conner, Jake's look-a-like Brother!
In Memory of Jake :)
Camdyn Bell Poulson! Almost 1yrs old! She is so cute!
Kali had never seen a parking meter!
A family Picture!!!